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Same Day Oil Change. Premium Lube and Oil Filters. Affordable Price.

Looking for the fast oil change in Culver City? Come into Automed Car Care for a high-quality oil change and filter replacement. You’ll receive a complete oil service, bumper-to-bumper inspection, and more at competitive prices.

We use premium oil brands, including Mobil 1, Quaker State, and Pennzoil. Every service includes a free multi-point inspection and safety check, changing the engine oil, installing a new oil filter, inspecting all fluid levels, and lubricating the chassis.

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Proudly serving the communities of West Los Angeles and Culver City for more than 30 years.

#1 Trusted Oil Change West Los Angeles

At Automed Car Care, our knowledgeable mechanics do more than just drain and replace your old oil. During service, a qualified specialist will change your car or truck’s oil using the best type of oil for your motor and driving style, including the synthetic, synthetic blend, conventional, or high mileage oil.

Popular Oil Change Services in Culver City, CA

Our oil, lube and filter services include:

  • Oil, Lube, and Multi-Point Inspection and Safety Check;
  • Replace Oil & Oil Filter;
  • Checking the Air Filter;
  • Checking & Filling Coolant;
  • Chassis Lubrication;
  • Inspecting Brake, Battery, Power Steering, and Transmission Fluid;
  • Inspecting and Topping off all Fluids Under the Hood;
  • Oiling all Fittings.
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Why Choose Oil Change in Automed Car Care?

We use identical materials and replacement oil as the dealerships, so your vehicle maintains high performance without higher costs. Our mechanics employ state-of-the-art tools and equipment for complete Culver City oil change services for the domestic, Asian, and European brands.

  • Same day oil change service;
  • Full-service oil change;
  • Premium-quality oils & filters;
  • We use OEM parts and lube;
  • ASE-certified mechanics;
  • 30+ years of experience;
  • Family-owned company;
  • Dealer level car diagnostic tools and equipment;
  • 24 Month/24,000 miles warranty on parts and service;
  • Complete customer satisfaction.
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Jess A.

Jess A. Culver City

Best oil change experience ever. Abe is so nice and really hooked it up! It was super quick and easy they take credit cards and have a nice waiting room but I opted to go across the street and eat and before my food came the car was ready! I was so shocked hahah. Absolutely recommend. Also they did an inspection during the oil change which was really nice and helpful

Oil Change Benefits

Below is the list of advantages that come with regular oil changes:

  • Better engine performance – Oil changes keep the internal moving parts of your motor clean and lubricated, allowing a smoother, quieter ride;
  • Improved gas mileage – With more lubrication, new, fresh oil reduces the friction that can slow down the engine and make you visit the gas pump more often;
  • Reduced vehicle emissions – Pure oil enables an engine to run cleaner, and a cleaner running motor releases less exhaust than a dirty one. New oil absorbs better adverse engine particles and engine side-effect emissions;
  • Extended engine life – Friction and consumption are the two leading producers of engine wear and failure. Regular oil changes reduce engine wear and lead to a longer-lasting motor.


How Often to Change Oil?

The answer is before sludge starts forming. The timing varies according to the vehicle you’re driving, the conditions while you’re riding, and the way you drive. Look to the car owner’s manual for a recommendation or bring your car into the best local oil change Culver City, CA offers..

An oil change is a pivotal component of routine vehicle maintenance, but fortunately, it’s not really a time-consuming one. Typically, you can expect your oil change to be finished within 30 minutes that involves a free multi-point safety inspection at our fast oil change service.

Selecting the best engine oil for your car, van, or SUV should be done after reading your vehicle owner’s manual. Newer models may utilize full-synthetic motor oil, but not always. Certain new vehicles still require either conventional motor or semi-synthetic oil for top protection. Cars with more than 75,000 engine miles may benefit from consuming a high mileage engine oil.

Routinely driving longer than the auto manufacturer’s recommendation between oil changes will shorten the motor’s life. Avoiding oil change services can lead to engine failure as motor parts will wear out without the lubricating and heat oil’s transfer properties. Have you changed oil at intervals directed by the owner’s manual?

A synthetic blend oil change — recommended for most models under 75,000 miles, and under 10 years old in addition to oil filter changing — is priced starting at $119.99.