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Acura Guide 101: Alternator Warning Signs to Watch Out For


When it comes to vehicle safety, maintaining a well-functioning alternator is critical. After all, it has the capacity to charge or provide energy to several sorts of batteries. If the alternator fails, you will be unable to start the engine and will also be unable to use the radio or headlights. 

Thankfully, your local Acura dealer may need to repair your alternator based on specific issues. Read on to discover the warning signs to watch out for, and why they need to be immediately addressed by professionals.

Warning Sign: The Dimmed Key Lights

If your vehicle’s key lights dim after starting the engine, the alternator may be failing. Perhaps you may think that dimmed lights only affect bulbs. Unfortunately, there is also a chance that the headlights, radio, and roof will be damaged. 

Dimmed key lights may often blink or fade in appearance. Blinking key lights, whether intermittent or continuous, is typically an indication of a malfunctioning alternator. This might be one of the initial warning signs that your alternator needs a full check-up.

Warning Sign: The Smell of Burnt Rubber

Despite its rarity, the smell of burnt rubber is a symptom that could be indicative of something significant. Smelling burnt rubber could be alarming, and it is never a good sign. 

Alternator belts that come into touch with pulleys may become heated. As a result, the belt may begin to smell like burned rubber.

Warning Sign: The Dying Battery

If your vehicle does not start, it is conceivable that the alternator is failing to charge or restart the battery. If this happens on a regular basis, you should have your car serviced. 

Because the alternator and the battery are linked, issues may result in damage to both the starter and the battery. The earlier an issue is identified, the less likely it will need to be repaired or replaced.

Warning Sign: The Engine Start Failure

Your alternator is probably failing if your vehicle is difficult to start or rotates slowly. It is possible that your car’s brushes or alternator are broken. As such, this also means that it should be inspected by a certified specialist within the following few days.

Warning Sign: The Incompetent Connected Accessories

When the alternator fails, the connected accessories may become unresponsive or slow. If your alternator fails, you may discover that your speedometer, seat warmers, and windows are no longer functional. If the alternator dies, the radio and any other electronic components will usually stop working before the headlights.

Warning Sign: The Grinding Sound

Alternators are capable of making strange noises, such as the grinding sound. This usually occurs when bearings have been worn out, dirty, or broken. The whining sound could be caused by the voltage regulator instructing the alternator to charge the battery too frequently, resulting in the sound. It is also possible that the alternator isn’t getting enough power from the battery. If you hear this, you should inspect the battery-to-device connection.


When it comes to your car or vehicle, consider the investment you have to take care of as well as your and your family’s safety. As such, if you notice any of the following symptoms in your vehicle, you should contact a certified mechanic as soon as possible. A skilled member of the staff should talk with you and set an appointment for servicing to guarantee that your automobile is constantly running properly.

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