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Why spend needless time with wreckers and waiting? Give the leading Culver City car battery replacement shop a chance to help you. We offer lead-acid batteries, deep cycle batteries, AGM batteries, and many more. Our inventory includes but is not limited to the following battery brands – Exide, Interstate, Motorcraft, and AC Delco. Our ASE-certified mechanics are experts in servicing and replacing car batteries in all makes and models. They use only state-of-the-art chargers, solar tenders, jump starters, and more.

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Car Battery Installation Specialist in Culver City, CA

Our mechanics are fully trained in every battery-related aspect, from charging issues to leaking. They utilize high-tech tools and diagnostic equipment to trace the root of the concern, so the proper battery repair is performed each time. Whether your battery needs to be inspected, serviced, or replaced, we’ve got it handled. Plus, our staff will help you choose the best battery for your budget and vehicle type.

Popular Culver City Car Battery Services

Out car battery service includes:

  • Diagnostic electrical system & battery test with a results report (emailed or printed);
  • Inspecting the battery, battery cables, and terminals;
  • Cleaning the battery surface & terminals;
  • Removing the battery cables and terminals;
  • Installing new battery cables & terminals;
  • Removing the old battery;
  • Cleaning debris from battery holder;
  • Installing a new battery;
  • Treating battery terminals to prevent corrosion.
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Why Choose Our Car Battery Replacement Shop?

We can immediately help you with any battery problems that you might be experiencing. Automed Car Care offers the top-tier batteries Culver City has. Whether you need a performance battery for your high-powered vehicle or a more common battery brand, we are sure to have what you’re seeking for in stock.

  • Free Battery Check;
  • Cutting Edge Diagnostic & Repair Technology;
  • Install Only Premium Brand Batteries;
  • Industry Leading Warranty;
  • Family-Owned and Operated Business;
  • 30+ years of Experience;
  • Same-day Service;
  • Unbeatable Prices in West Los Angeles;
  • Pick-up & Drop-off Service;
  • Complimentary Coffee and Free Wi-Fi.
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How Long Does a Car Battery Last?

The average life expectancy of an automotive battery is 3 to 5 years. Still, several factors such as temperature, poor charging system, faulty alternator, and corrosion can impact that estimate. Even under the ideal conditions, chemical reactions cause batteries to malfunction, and your car will probably need a new one within a few years.

If you’re intent on recharging your car battery, you’ll need a battery charger. Connect it to the matching positive to positive and negative to negative connections. Ensure that you have the correct voltage set for the battery that you’re charging, most likely 12 volts on today’s vehicles.

With the engine off, open the hood and locate the battery. Detach the negative cable from the battery. Loosen the nut with a combination wrench. Twist and pull the end of the cable using your hand. Detach the positive cable from the battery applying the same technique. Utilizing a combination wrench, remove the battery hold-down clamp. Finally, take the battery out of the battery tray.

Undo the clamp nut and remove the battery cable from the negative terminal. Repeat the process on the positive terminal. Undo the battery hold-down clamp lift out the battery. Inspect the battery tray and clean it if necessary. Put the new battery, fitting the hold-down clamps, and securing the positive cable before the negative one.

It requires between 4 to 24 hours to completely charge the auto battery, depending on how many Amperes your battery charger is charging with and your battery’s size. The most common rate for automotive battery chargers is around 4 amps. To fully charge a 52Ah battery, you would need about 9 hours from dead to fully loaded, but you would likely be able to start your vehicle within 1 hour.

Car batteries can support a range of voltage, depending on their condition and age. Automotive batteries are usually labeled as 12 volts, but they hold closer to 15 volts due to the power they get from the alternator.

With a multimeter, you can determine if your battery is healthy enough. You need to turn the headlights on for 2 minutes to eliminate any surface charge the battery may have. Set the multimeter to 15-20 volts and turn the lights off. Connect it to the positive and negative battery terminals. If your battery doesn’t have a voltage of around 12.6 volts, you may have a bad battery. Now start the vehicle, and look for a revised voltage over 10. If the voltage drops below 5 when the car is running, it’s too weak and should be replaced right away.