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Determining Whether You Need a Tire Repair or Tire Replacement

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Tire repairs may be an option if one of your tires is losing air or has completely flattened. Having a flat tire repaired is possible in many situations. Nonetheless, there are times when changing tires is the best and safest way to avoid an accident.

There are a number of indicators to look for to determine whether a tire service can fix the issue or if a new tire is needed. Some instances include:

  • One of the Tires Has Been Punctured

Tires can get punctures or tears from driving over sharp pebbles, shards of glass, and other road hazards. There’s a good chance that a tire repair won’t be an option if this is in a less-than-ideal spot. A tire can usually be repaired or sealed if the hole or cut is located within the tread. A tire should be replaced if the puncture is on the sidewall or shoulder.

The sidewall is a particularly vulnerable part of a tire because it gets bent so frequently while being driven. Under extreme pressure, a hole here could cause the tire to burst. If you notice any cracks or bulges in the sidewall of your tire, it is best to replace it immediately.

  • The Depth of the Slash

Whether or not a flat tire can be repaired depends on the size of the object that punctured it or how deeply it penetrated the tire. If the hole in the tire is less than 14 inches in diameter, a professional can usually safely repair it. Larger punctures always warrant the replacement of the tire.

Not only that, but if the hole is deep or uneven, the tire is probably beyond repair. Prolonged slicing might cause damage to the tire’s belts and reduce the tire’s useful life.

  • How Bad the Interior Damage Is

The length of time you’ve been driving on a low or flat tire is another important thing to think about. The tire’s sidewalls could rub against the pavement after extended use. As a result, the inner linings of the sidewalls can wear down quickly, leading to damage deep within the tire that is not immediately noticeable. Take the tire off the wheel and inspect it thoroughly before trying any sort of repair.

  • The Standard Tire Condition

In addition to the issues we’ve already discussed, a flat tire’s overall condition can render it unsafe to repair, including when the tread is extremely worn/thin, there is an abundance of dry rot, there are too many tears, or the tread has separated.

Some Other Notable Pointers

  • If a nail or similar object has punctured your tire, don’t worry; it can be repaired so long as the hole is no more than 1/4 inch in diameter and is located in the tread.
  • A tire must be replaced if the hole is located in the sidewall or shoulder. Always prioritize security first!
  • It can probably be fixed if there is more than one hole in the tire but at least 16 inches between them. Replace the tire if it is worn or damaged.
  • In the event of a serious accident, the tire should be replaced rather than fixed, especially if it has large cuts or tread separation.


Determining when to repair or replace a tire is not always easy. Inspecting the tire regularly and looking for signs of damage, such as tears, cracking, and bulging, is important. If the damage is minimal, a tire repair may be an option. However, a tire replacement is likely necessary if the damage is severe or the tire is excessively worn.

It is important to remember that safety should always be the top priority, regardless of tire brand or lifespan, so take note of all our pointers and be sure to apply them when necessary.

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